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Managing clinical trials is complex enough – that’s why we offer our clients a range of migration, integration and administration services. Our subscription based offerings are designed to let you focus on managing your project.

Find out how Going Digital with SureClinical can help your organization pursue the fastest path to success.

Digital Signing

High Trust Digital Signing for Health Sciences

The traditional process of manually printing and signing a document is time consuming and starts a chain of labor intensive and error prone processes like scanning, uploading, tagging and QA.

Learn how organizations are eliminating paper at the point of origination and reducing the need for printing, scanning and uploading by using SureClinical’s patent-pending Part 11 digital signing solution. This article describes how SureClinical’s cloud-based digital signing capability can help your organization save money and accelerate document completion schedules and speeding the development of new drugs.

Clinical Trial Portals

Enhancing Clinical Trial ROI with Automation

Clinical trials are burdened with mountains of paper and manual processes. The labor costs involved in the manual processes of collecting, uploading, tagging, classifying and tracking investigator documents are significant cost drivers in clinical trials.  This white paper shows how leading BioPharma organizations are increasingly using collaborative cloud portals to capture, digitally sign and complete documents in the cloud through automated processes and tasks called workflows.   Workflow task automation helps to eliminate paper at the point of origination, reducing or eliminating labor intensive document management processes. With automated workflows, clinical trial operations can realize significant cost and time savings over manual processes, while realizing higher levels of clinical trial data management quality, process compliance, reporting and auditability.

ETMF Costs

Estimating eTMF Costs and ROI

Estimate the costs of managing a paper-based Trial Master File – labor costs, overnight delivery costs, paper storage costs, paper scanning and uploading costs and more.  Compare these costs to an investment in automation and estimate a return on investment.

Microsoft® SharePoint®

Evaluating Microsoft® SharePoint® for Clinical Trial Study Data

The proliferation of inexpensive cloud storage solutions has prompted many to consider alternatives to compliance validated, purpose built clinical study applications.  However, is the risk worth the reward? 

This paper weighs alternatives to purpose built clinical trial systems.  Many companies involved in clinical trials have considered Sharepoint, Box or Dropbox to store their clinical study data.  What are the pros and cons of using generic cloud platforms vs. purpose built systems.



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