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Our subscription-based offerings are designed to provide a rapid time to value.

Find out how going digital with SureClinical can help your organization pursue the fastest path to success.

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

Accelerate, Streamline and Automate with SureClinical

*Pricing subject to change. Add-ons priced separately. Continuous Compliance Platform Subscription required.



SureClinical Definitions 

SureClinical MSA Term
We offer subscription terms of 12, 24 and 36 months.


Some SureClinical apps may require a project fee.   For the term selected, estimate the number of projects that you will be using the apps with.

App Power Users

App Power Users have all app features and are Internal Users, such as staff and consultants with your organization. App Power Users can create and collaborate on an unlimited number of projects without a project fee.  All licenses are for Named Users, are linked to a specific person, and cannot be shared. 

App Hub Users

App Hub Users have a focused set of app features for the selected app and are either Internal or External Users.  Internal Users are staff and consultants with your organization.  External Users are persons from outside of your organization, such as sites, suppliers, and partners.  App Hub Users have mostly read-only app features, with the exception of workflow completion, document signing, form and survey completion, upload document workflows and a few others as specified in the application product web pages or data sheets.  For example, App Hub Users can view reports, documents and tasks.  To see a list of primary app features for each application, visit the application product pages.  App Hub Users can be Internal or External Users, and for Study Projects, Hub Users have a Project Fee. 

Configuration Example:
With SureCTMS, we provide you with a base number of users who can access all of your studies.  As you need additional users, you simply add them and you will automatically be invoiced.  If you can forecast the number of users over multiple years, you can take advantage of our multi-year volume discounts.

Sites – # of sites for a study 

SureClinical’s approach is to license our applications based on users and projects, not on sites.  You can add as many sites as you want to.  SureETMF and SureISF Site Hubs require at least one App Hub User per site.

Marketplace Add-Ons 

Do you want to connect to existing applications or data for reporting, viewing of selected data in one or more of our apps?  Or do you want to add applications or add-on widgets?  If so, you can find, select and add pre-validated application add-ons in seconds.  Just like an apps store for your phone,  you have the freedom to extend your application ecosystem with a wide range of add-ons from within the SureClinical app.  Get connected in seconds to external systems such as EDC, eDMS systems, applications, or app add-on widgets from the SC Marketplace.  

Example Configuration

Bio Pharma company, CentoCorp, has three one-year study projects.  Each study project has 25 Sites. They have an internal staff of 20 persons to manage the projects with 5 study managers and 15 staff CRAs.   For each project they want to have a single unified application suite consisting of ETMF, CTMS and ISF applications.  

-App Power Users: All 20 Internal staff need to access the ETMF and ISF applications as App Power Users.

-App Hub Users:  For each project, all 25 Site organizations will need to access ETMF, ISF as App Hub Users with two users/site.  

-Organization:  Internal Staff at CentoCorp

-App Bundle:  ECO App Bundle 3 – ETMF, ISF, CTMS

-Subscription Term:  36 months

-App Power Users:  20 

-Platform Fee:  $1,500/month for Continuous Compliance™ and Platform Core. 

Note:  ECO App Bundles are packaged products with value pricing that is significantly lower than the app list price if purchased separately.   Apps that are not used on a project may not be separated and allocated to users on a different project. 

Overages and hidden fees

SureClinical provides plenty of space for you to run your studies without any additional fees. However, if you approach or exceed space or bandwidth limits, we may proactively reach out to you to increase your resource utilization package.

Study Completion & Data Retention

With our SureClinical applications, your project data remains on our cloud as long as you maintain your subscription.    Our goal is that you see the value in maintaining SureClinical’s cloud service for all of your clinical trial needs. This is our commitment to you.  SureClinical also offers a product, SureArchive,  which is a secure Part 11 compliance validated cloud-based ETMF archiving service for completed studies.  It offers web access to documents, reports, medical images and the SureETMF audit trail for the completed study.  You can also subscribe to SureArchive and archive your entire project.

Training and Onboarding Options

Training your staff is critical to your success for using our clinical trial applications, and user training is also required by the FDA under 21 CFR Part 11 for compliance. SureClinical provides multiple training options including on-demand video training, webinars and live training.  Given the size and complexity of your engagement, we tailor different training packages to fit your needs. All trainees receive a certificate of training completion. We also provide additional services from advance configuration, process re-engineering, form development and program management, to name a few.

SureClinical Platform

Go Paperless Today with our Collaboration Platform

The SureClinical Platform

  • The SureClinical Platform is a Part 11 compliance validated platform for content signing, sharing, completion and collaboration.  SurePlatform Enterprise can be licensed on a named-user basis for everyone in your enterprise.   It includes access to the following for each named user:

SureEsign Enterprise – Part 11 Adobe Certificate signing for cloud, mobile.  

SureEsign Enterprise user account types:  Two signing plans are available – they are similar to cell phone plans:

Unlimited user accounts get an unlimited number of documents to sign each year, with the right to send documents for signing to an unlimited number of recipients (subject to our reasonable use policy).     

Transaction user accounts:  This plan is designed for those who only need to sign 2-3 documents per year.  Similar to buying prepaid cell phone minutes, your organization purchases a block of prepaid digital signing transactions.  

SureHub – Complete, capture, collaborate, esign documents, web fillable forms and surveys.

SureNetwork – Helps you find health science professionals in minutes.  Locate, collaborate, and share content with health science professionals globally by therapeutic area, specialization or experience. 

Continuous Compliance – Compliance portal for QA audits and vendor qualification of SureClinical




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