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Get Amazing Validated Apps in Two Clicks

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Like an App Store for eClinical, SureStore provides pre-validated applications, widgets and connectors for rapid two-click deployment globally.

With SureStore your admins will be able to select, connect and deploy new applications technologies in seconds, not months, saving time and money. 

Break free from vendor lock in with SureClinical’s eClinical App Store, the first app store to provide citizen enabled rapid application deployment capability in two clicks.

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Multi Channel Content Capture CTMS
Discover amazing eClinical Applications, Connectors, and more

Multiple Categories

Multi Channel Content Capture CTMS

Automating clinical operations often requires new approaches and new technologies.  Due to validation and application security testing issues, app discovery, testing and deployment often takes months and sometimes years — delaying important digital transformation initiatives. 

With SureStore you can quickly discover, try, buy and deploy amazing pre-validated eClinical Applications, Connectors, and more, even competitor applications across multiple vendors, multiple clouds, multiple projects, across multiple categories and areas.

Discover amazing apps in areas such as project management, document management, data capture, application connectors and more.  Over 50 applications, connectors and widgets are available today, with more anticipated daily.


Validated Apps, Connectors, Widgets at No Charge in Seconds

Multi Channel Digital Content Capture

Say goodbye to the frustrating and time consuming process of contacting, scheduling application demonstrations, and say hello to same day, self-service application demonstrations and trials. 

Often the process of simply trying a product is complex, time consuming and sometimes even impossible. 

Not with SureStore.  After you’ve selected an application to try, just click to deploy it for a free trial.  Simple to use and fast to get started training aids help accelerate your learning.  Connect with one of our client services team members to learn more about how an application or product works. 

When you’re done with your trial, you can simply close out your trial with one click, or you can continue with an online purchase and instant deployment. 

Multi Channel Digital Content Capture
Digital Transactions

Buy and License Apps in Seconds

Simple, fast easy and digital – that’s what we all expect today from online transactions, and it’s how SureStore works.  When you’re ready to buy you can use our online license quotation and digital licensing system to complete your application or digital content purchase.  With digital contracts, digital contract signing, you’ll have a centralized online account to manage your licenses, subscriptions and purchases.  Manage your application licenses centrally with a simple to use web portal.


Deploy in One Day, not One Year

Enterprise Collaboration

Many eClinical app vendors will tell you that it will take six months or more to deploy their apps.  Not so with SureStore and SureClinical. 

By working closely in conjunction with our QA, Test and Compliance Teams, we’re able to help you to rapidly validate our certified applications.  We work with industry leading validation firms to help you facilitate additional validation that you may require.  Learn more about how you can realize up to 90% time savings in with SureStore and our rapid two-click deployment capabilities. 

Enterprise Collaboration


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