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Certified Part 11 Content Management System

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

Collaborative Cloud Content Sharing with Integrated Digital signing and Workflows

Health science organizations and teams need a way to collaborate, share, sign and store documents and medical images securely and seamlessly.

SureClinical makes document and medical image collaboration simple and secure through our collaborative cloud portal – helping health science teams to collaboratively review, manage, track and share digital content for maximum productivity.

SureDrive™ is a simple to use collaborative cloud content sharing solution that is designed to be easily used from any device.   Team members can collaboratively view, share, sign, comment on and manage content from mobile, web or desktop.   Simplify review/approve/sign processes with multiple signers using our integrated FDA Part 11 compliance validated Adobe digital certificate signing and workflow capabilities.

Eliminate costly manual paper-based processes that involve printing, scanning, wet signing, copying, filing and mailing with collaborative document sharing in the cloud.  SureDrive supports digital signing and workflows for 100% digital document completion.  An immediate Return on Investment can often be achieved by eliminating manual paper handling processes, 

Simplify and streamline clinical trial content management tasks with SureClinical’s unified suite of cloud applications.  From our innovative trusted clinician network, our applications for clinical operations, to our Enterprise Collaboration Platform for Health Sciences, we deliver the best user experience, product features and value in the industry – helping your organization pursue the fastest path to success.

SureClinical CTMS Dashboard

Collaborative Content Cloud


Manage controlled documents and medical images with a web based portal

Complete SOPs, training record review, approval and signature with workflows and digital signing (requires SureEsign)

Collaborative document annotation for distributed teams with email notifications

Support for popular web browsers

Support for popular mobile devices such as Android, Apple IOS, and most smartphones with web browsers

View, digitally sign documents in the cloud across organization firewalls using SureEsign™ with military-grade security

Integrated digital certificate signing with X.509 PKI government compliant Adobe® Digital Certifiate IDs

FDA Part 11 compliance validation

Reference Model Template eTMF

Cost Effective Part 11 Sharing and eSigning

Eliminate costs and inefficiencies of manual paper handling.

Accelerate document completion and distribution with cloud based document sharing with built-in Part 11 Adobe Digital Certificate signing.

100% digital document completion saves labor and overnight delivery fees with an immediate return on investment.

Workflow completion and esigning with external or internal users.

Improve quality through real-time document completion status tracking.

Web based fillable Form and Survey completion and digital signing with web Forms & Surveys via a simple to use portal.  For example, sites can digitally complete and esign FDA 1572 forms via our secure web portal. 

Multi Channel Content Capture CTMS
Multi Channel Content Capture

Capture, Classify, Complete, Sign

Multi Channel Content Capture CTMS

Automate the capture, classification, completion and signing of documents and medical images via workflows, web portals, email, web PDF forms and surveys with real-time updates to document milestone gadgets and reports.  Bring in content from any source, even Outlook drag-and-drop.


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