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Peak Productivity Platform

SureClinical’s trusted collaboration platform automates manual processes with trusted document signing, forms, workflows and web meetings. Centralize clinical data from popular applications for real time analysis and insights with prepackaged certified connectors from our eClinical Applications Marketplace. 

Peak connects people, processes, programs, & projects to a centralized clinical information repository for insights, analytics, metrics, and reporting to enhance collaboration across internal and external teams.

Peak Productivity Platform

The first FDA Part 11 compliant productivity platform, SureClinical’s Peak Productivity Platform is a suite of connected productivity applications to empower remote teams. Go digital with automated workflows, better operational visibility, and insight.

FDA Part 11 Compliant

SurePlatform is our Part 11 Enterprise Signing and Collaboration Platform for health sciences.   At the core of our health science cloud offering, SurePlatform offers collaboration capabilities such as Adobe™ digital certificate signing, content management,  web PDF form and surveys, collaborative portals, productivity tools, API access and more. SurePlatform™ is independently FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EC Annex 11 and HIPAA compliance validated.

Find out how Going Digital with SureClinical can help your organization pursue the fastest path to success.

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Peak Productivity Platform can be purchased separately for standalone use without SC Apps. Or, purchase SC Apps and get access to the Peak Productivity Platform with the purchase of each SC App License* (Platform fee may be required). With SureStore, you gain the flexibility to add additional features, widgets, and eClinical app connectors to other systems and more. It’s easy for admins to deploy addons in two clicks with our in-app Add-on purchase function.

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Peak Productivity Platform