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Announcing the New SureClinical ECO Bundle for Clinical Operations


The challenges facing clinical trial teams today 


Life Science Clinical Operations teams struggle to connect, collect, access, view, report, analyze, and understand data from multiple applications and systems.   Recent market conditions, including the global pandemic, have caused businesses to look for ways to accelerate digital transformation by connecting the ecosystem of eClinical systems, teams, projects, and processes. The overall business goal is to connect these disparate teams, systems and projects in a clinical ecosystem to accelerate the time to market, to enhance quality, and to reduce business risk. 

Global clinical ops teams in the clinical ecosystem typically include sponsors, CROs, sites, and suppliers. According to recent research by the Gartner Group in 2020 on eClinical systems, approximately 48% of the systems used in the eClinical area are standalone point systems for internal users that reside behind a corporate firewall, effectively blocking communication and collaboration between internal staff and external clinical ops teams.

An alternative to disconnected systems and teams are for vendors to support open systems and interoperability standards such as the OASIS eTMF standard for clinical data sharing. However, the lack of open standards use and a refusal by vendors to allow connectivity and access to external systems has negatively impacted clinical trial project timelines and product quality, ultimately driving higher patient treatment costs.


Open standards allows for sharing, collaboration between applications from multiple vendors

As a market innovator and founder of the OASIS eTMF clinical data sharing initiative, SureClinical is extending its proven open standards, model driven platform for clinical trial operations to enhance sharing, collaboration, and productivity to support multiple applications, multiple vendors, multiple projects, and multiple clinical operations stakeholders throughout the Eclinical Ecosystem. 

SureClinical’s ecosystem includes an open standards collaboration platform and connected applications that digitally transform and automate manual processes, connects external systems and external teams, and provides ecosystem members with role-based access to the clinical intelligence they need to enhance decision making, efficiency and productivity for their studies.


New SureClinical ECO Bundle

In conjunction with the Eclinical Ecosystem announcement, SureClinical is introducing the first ever bundle of eClinical applications and digital transformation platform, the ECO Bundle, for sponsors and CROs.  The ECO bundle combines multiple SureClinical connected apps for document management, project management, quality management, and site management with digital transformation tools such as trusted digital signing for MS365 and PDF documents.   Go digital in minutes instead of months with SureClinical.

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