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SureNetwork launches with Spring 2019 Suite for ClinOps

SureNetwork is the first trusted clinical trial network application for life sciences – enabling shorter clinical trial cycle times and better outcomes through accelerated study team search, qualification, recruitment and activation.

RENO, Nev. (PRWEB) June 21, 2019

Built for clinical operations professionals by clinical operations professionals, SureClinical today announced the launch and availability of its Spring 2019 Suite for ClinOps™.

Delivering innovation and market leadership with the launch and availability of the life science industry’s first trusted clinical network application, SureNetwork, SureClinical’s Suite for ClinOps provides best in class applications; collaborative clinical cloud platform and eClinical Concierge™ services, all within an independently compliance validated FDA/EC global cloud.

“With SureClinical’s Suite for ClinOps, life science teams including sponsors, CROs, sites, vendors and consultants can go digital, eliminating paper-based and manual processes to pursue the fastest path to clinical trial success,” said Zack Schmidt, SureClinical’s President and CEO.

Below is a partial list of new eClinical applications and features being made available in SureClinical’s Spring 2019 Suite for ClinOps (V2.7):

SureClinical – Ensuring Success in Study Startup and Team Building with SureNetwork® 

Spring 2019 marks the launch of SureNetwork – the life science industry’s first trusted clinical trial network application for rapid study team search, qualification and creation. With SureNetwork, Clinical Ops professionals can find, qualify and recruit trusted clinical team members globally in hundreds of therapeutic areas for new projects in minutes, not months. SureNetwork provides instant search and access to trusted profiles for clinical trial professionals and sites globally, automating and accelerating the time consuming and manual team building processes of site search, site qualification and site activation during clinical trial study startup. SureNetwork’s TrustChain® technology provides verified clinician credentials, licenses and experience with the ability to click to add trusted sites, clinicians and staff members to studies. SureNetwork Private and Staff Editions will be launched with the Spring 2019 Release, followed by the release of SureNetwork Corporate Edition, with access to over 4 million trusted clinicians along with hundreds of thousands of clinical organizations and sites globally.

SureClinical – Ensuring Success in Automated Form Data Capture with SureSurvey™ 

SureClinical’s new SureSurvey™ is a configurable database driven form authoring tool that enables automated digital form capture, collection, Esigning and completion for life science firms. Included with SureWorkflow and SureEsign, SureSurvey forms can reduce clinical study costs associated with paper scanning, manual document uploading, document tagging and document classification operations. With SureSurvey’s HTML form capture capability, sites, monitors and ClinOps teams can complete documents anywhere at the point of activity from mobile devices, tablets and notebooks. Adobe PDF form renditions are created automatically as part of sign and review workflows. With SureSurvey and SureEsign, SureClinical’s Part 11 Adobe digital certificate signing service, study sites can digitally sign SureSurvey Adobe PDF forms and surveys in seconds, automating the completion and signing of surveys and forms throughout the clinical trials process.

SureClinical – Ensuring Success in Automated Form Data Capture with SurePortal® 

With SurePortal, SureClinical’s collaborative clinical study portal application for distributed content capture, collection, completion, and verification, clinical ops teams can go 100% digital. SurePortal enhances study document and data quality, saving months in study startup time and gaining up to 90% time savings over legacy manual content uploading, tagging and content classification approaches. When combined with SureSurvey, SureEsign and SureNetwork, thousands of clinical study team members and sites can securely complete forms, surveys, documents and tasks anytime, anywhere, from mobile, web or laptop devices.

SureClinical – Ensuring Success in Clinical Trial Project Management with SureCTMS® 

With the Spring 2019 release of SureCTMS, clinical operations teams will have access to innovative new CTMS features, including SureNetwork Staff Edition with the ability to manage staff, site and organization profiles in SureNetwork, new dashboard analytics and configurable dashboard study metrics, site finance, payment and invoicing capabilities, automated study milestone management, monitoring workflow reporting, configurable monitoring surveys with SureSurvey, system configurable web and PDF forms, Adobe digital certificate signing, configurable dashboards for monitoring integrated essential document tracking, completion, expired and missing documents; integrated electronic trial master file repositories with fully admin configurable filing plans and metadata tags, custom document naming, DICOM medical imaging support, and more. Unlike dated legacy CTMS applications that can take six months or more to implement, SureCTMS is built on a next generation application framework that ensures rapid deployment in days, not months. SureCTMS provides real-time data access to SureClinical’s cloud-based, mobile web applications and platform, and to other best in class external applications such as EDC, Accounting or other eClinical applications or data sources. Best of all, SureCTMS provides the same easy to use, easy to learn user interface whether a user is on a smartphone, web or laptop.

SureClinical – Ensuring Success in Study Team Collaboration with SurePlatform® 

As a core component of clinical operations automation, SurePlatform is a suite of fully integrated essential eClinical apps and services for life science organizations, including: 

  • SurePortal® – Collaborative Portal for content capture, completion and eSigning
  • SureEsign® – Eliminate paper, complete documents digitally, and eSign with Part 11 Adobe® Digital Certificate Signing, globally accepted as the gold standard in digital signing technology. Sign anywhere with Apple, Android mobile device support with a zero footprint mobile web client.
  • SureDrive® – Certified Content Cloud for controlled documents, QMS, document sharing and collaboration, Microsoft Outlook email and attachment drag and drop, bulk tagging and duplicate document detection.
  • SureWorkflow® – Automate repetitive tasks such as monitor visit report completion and approvals, essential document completion, tagging, signing, SOPs and more for hundreds of sites and persons with the click of a button. Create HTML surveys and forms, with automated creation of Adobe PDF form renditions for review and eSigning.
  • SureNetwork® Private Edition – Create, manage, access study team person, site, vendor and organization profiles, and collaboratively complete tasks, documents and more within your own private clinical trial network.
  • SureLearn® – Access on demand video and web training, training certification and training reporting with SureLearn, SureClinical’s new Learning Management System (LMS).
  • SureCompliance® – Simplify system compliance and regulatory tasks with SureCompliance, SureClinical’s web portal for system compliance.

From study start to closeout, SureClinical ensures the fastest path to success™.

Licensing, Pricing, and Availability 

  • SureClinical’s 2019 Spring Suite for ClinOps has completed FDA and EC compliance validation and is available immediately.
  • SureNetwork Private Edition is available now and is included with SurePlatform Standard.
  • SureNetwork Staff Edition is available now and is included with SureCTMS.
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About SureClinical 

SureClinical provides software applications, a trusted clinical network with TrustChain® technology, a collaborative certified cloud platform and services for clinical operations teams in the life science industry. Delivered on an independently validated global cloud platform, SureClinical’s solutions accelerate the successful completion of clinical trial projects through the rapid deployment of cloud based collaborative networks, portals, the automation of manual business processes and the elimination of paper. With hundreds of clinical trials in process, innovative new applications and a rapidly growing network of technology centers globally, SureClinical has continually increased its position as a leading provider of eClinical solutions built by and for Clinical Operations Professionals.

Designed using next-generation mobile-first web design technologies, SureClinical is available on all major web browsers as well as Android®, Apple® iPad, Apple® IOS, and other popular mobile platforms.

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