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SureClinical Announces SureCTMS

SureClinical Announces SureCTMS, First Mobile eClinical Trial Management System

SureCTMS™ delivers the first clinical trial management system with an easy-to-use, mobile-first design for web, Apple and Android devices. Includes integrated document management, Adobe Digital Certificate signing, automated workflows, dashboard analytics, and SureNetwork access.

SureClinical announced today the release and FDA compliance validation of SureCTMS, its cloud-based clinical trial management application. As part of SureClinical’s best-in-class platform and suite of eClinical applications, SureCTMS helps teams manage projects more effectively, accelerate project completion milestones, enhance quality, and lower costs.

SureCTMS is the first cloud-based CTMS to deliver a mobile-first design with out-of-the box support for both Android® and Apple® smartphones with integrated electronic trial master file management (ETMF), integrated document management, and integrated Adobe Digital Certificate signing and workflows. The system enables clinical operations staff, teams, and sites to instantly review, collaborate on, Esign, and complete study or project documents digitally from any web or mobile device. Time-saving essential document collection portals, tools, and easy-to-use dashboard analytics provide on-demand project status and reporting from the palm of your hand. SureCTMS’ finance module automates study budget creation, payment tracking, and reporting with global multi-currency support.

The efficient conduct of multicenter trials now depends on the use of electronic trial management systems. “Our users, sponsors, and investigators are delighted by SureClinical’s suite of eClinical applications, including SureCTMS, SureETMF and SureDrive,” said Gary Zammit, President and CEO of Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation. “We find it a huge productivity saver with Adobe digital certificate signing and smartphone support built in. With SureClinical’s suite of eClinical applications, our team can manage projects and get work done from web and smartphone devices anytime, anywhere, enhancing team productivity and quality,” added Charity Cowley, Clinical Document Manager at Clinilabs.

SureClinical’s eClinical suite provides integration with best-in-class eClinical applications like Medrio® EDC®. With SureCTMS, Medrio® EDC® users can import study subject visit data into SureCTMS, enabling medical procedure and visit payment tracking globally using SureClinical’s multi-currency support feature.

“We’re excited to see SureClinical develop out-of-the-box data import support for Medrio® EDC® study visit data,” said Mike Novotny, Medrio CEO. “Both Medrio and SureClinical deliver a software platform and mobile suite of products that provide easy-to-use, fast, and affordable tools for study sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) to collect clinical trial data.”

SureCTMS is the first CTMS to offer integration with a trusted eClinical network, SureNetwork. Like a LinkedIn™ for the health sciences market, SureNetwork can lower clinician recruitment and staffing costs through a collaborative network of trusted health science professionals. With SureNetwork, clinical trial sponsors, CRO’s, and research centers can find, qualify, and recruit experienced clinical trial study investigators for new clinical studies and projects. Hospitals can find qualified health care providers, and can share trusted credentials instantly and securely for clinician privileges and telemedicine applications.

Licensing, Pricing, and Availability

  • SureCTMS has completed FDA and EC compliance validation and is available immediately
  • SureCTMS pricing starts at $800/month for small to midsize organizations with four concurrent studies
  • Site licenses are available with SureETMF or with SureDrive, the compliance validated document management system
  • Visit for SureCTMS product info

About SureClinical
SureClinical provides an FDA/EC/HIPAA-compliant cloud platform, network, and applications for health sciences that automate manual business processes and eliminate paper. In FY 2017 SureClinical increased its position as a leader in the cloud health sciences applications market, with more than a 470% increase in sales over FY 2016, supporting hundreds of clinical trials globally.
Designed using next-generation mobile-first web design concepts, SureClinical is available on all major web browsers as well as Android®, Apple® iPad, Apple® IOS, and other popular mobile platforms. For more information, visit

About Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation
Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation is a full service contract research organization (CRO) that provides clinical drug development services to pharma and biotech companies, with specialty expertise in CNS therapeutics. Clinilabs manages multicenter trials at investigator sites worldwide, conducts phase 1 studies at its research units in North America, and offers a full suite of clinical data services. For more information, visit

About Medrio Inc.
Medrio Inc. is a leading healthcare technology company that provides eClinical solutions including electronic data capture (EDC) and eSource for clinical trials. The company’s software platform and mobile suite of products deliver simple, fast, and affordable tools for study sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) to collect clinical trial data. Medrio has extensive experience in all study phases with its software leading the way in early-phase trials. The company serves over 500 customers globally. For more information, please visit