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SureNetwork: First Trusted Clinician Network for Health Sciences

Like a LinkedIn™ for the health sciences market, SureNetwork will lower clinician recruitment and staffing costs through a collaborative network of trusted health science organizations and professionals

As part of its growing suite of eClinical applications and platform for Health Sciences, SureClinical today announced and previewed SureNetwork, a trusted network for clinicians and health science professionals.

Like a LinkedIn™ for Life Sciences, SureNetwork will serve both Clinical Trial and Healthcare markets. With SureNetwork, clinical trial sponsors, CRO’s and research centers can find experienced clinical trial study investigators globally in minutes instead of months, thereby reducing study startup time and site selection costs. Hospitals can find qualified health care providers and can share trusted credentials instantly and securely for clinician privileges and telemedicine applications. Along with SureNetwork, SureClinical is introducing TrustChain™ eCredentialing, a trusted eCredential exchange technology built on next generation Block Chain concepts.

What SureNetwork is:

  •     Network of Health Science Professionals
  •     Like a LinkedIn™ for Life Sciences / Clinical Trials
  •     Trusted Clinician Network – expect to have over 500k clinicians organized by therapeutic area and specialization by Q2 2018
  •     Contains public and private information on clinicians such as credentials and clinical documents, clinical trial performance metrics, and clinician profiles
  •     Clinicians and health science professionals can create, maintain and share their profile data and documents with SureNetwork members at no charge
  •     Information and eCredentials in SureNetwork can be selectively shared between healthcare providers and professionals, hospitals, clinical trial sponsors, CROs, research centers, and investigator sites
  •     Central secure location for secure eCredential storage and docs such as CV’s, certifications, licenses and clinician profiles
  •     eCredential exchange using TrustChain™, SureClinical’s trusted credential exchange, built on next generation block chain technologies
  •     Import existing investigator databases from popular CTMS systems with customizable study performance metrics

Who can use SureNetwork: 

  •     Subscribers to SureClinical’s platform and applications – SureETMFSureCTMSSureQMSSureDrive and others
  •     Clinicians who have been invited to join the network by a sponsor, CRO, hospital, SureNetwork organization or by SureNetwork

SureNetwork Member Benefits:

  •     Clinical Trial Sponsors, CRO’S – Save time searching for qualified clinicians for clinical trials with a global network of clinicians, searchable by country, specialization, experience and much more. Significant cost savings can be realized in the clinician selection and clinical study site selection process.
  •     Clinicians and Health Science Professionals – Health science professionals gain exposure to new clinical trials within a trusted network that allows them to selectively share their credentials, qualifications and experience. SureNetwork health science professionals gain access to a wealth of free FDA/EC/HIPAA compliant services including Adobe Digital eSigning, cloud document and medical image storage and trusted credential management and sharing.

Supporting Quote: 
Lynda Shelley, Executive Director, Clinical Operations, Novotech CRO:
“We’re excited about the announcement of SureNetwork as an integrated component of SureClinical’s health science platform and applications. SureNetwork is really a WOW factor for me – the integration of a social network platform for health sciences with eClinical applications is really very innovative. As a leading CRO, Novotech identifies, profiles and qualifies thousands of clinicians annually for our clinical studies. SureNetwork’s trusted clinician network with credential documents and clinical trial performance metrics could help us to accelerate the process of finding, qualifying and selecting the best investigators and sites, accelerating study startup, lowering costs and enhancing study results.”

Licensing and availability 

  •     Clinicians and health science professionals globally can create and maintain a profile on SureNetwork at no charge. There is no charge to health science professionals for SureNetwork profile or eCredential sharing within SureNetwork.
  •     Subscribers to SureClinical’s platform and Organizations can access SureNetwork’s basic investigator profile search capability at no charge as part of their SureClinical license agreement.
  •     SureNetwork will be launched in Q2 2018

About SureClinical 
SureClinical provides an FDA/EC/HIPAA compliance validated cloud platform, network and applications for health sciences. SureClinical applications automates manual business processes and eliminates paper. In FY 2017, SureClinical increased its position as a leader in the cloud health sciences market, with an over 400% increase in sales over FY 2016, among hundreds of global clinical trials.

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